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Welcome to MadDogDean.com
  Freelance software consultant & developer

Turnkey solutions / I develop unique, professional looking software programs including, multi-media presentations, database type programs, utility programs, puzzles, computer games for personal or business (geared towards pleasure or promotion use), interactive computer training systems and mobile software.

The packages are fully featured and can include Installation routines that installs the software on your customers' computer, update Registry keys and supply Uninstall information. These packages can be completely branded in your name and are easily distributed via online web downloads (for sales or promotional use) or on custom manufactured and packaged media such as CD, DVD, memory sticks, flash drives or other mediums.

Samples of software we can create for you:
 ● Custom and OEM Software
 ● Advertising on kiosk computers
 ● Company Multimedia Promotions
 ● Corporate Annual Reports
 ● Interactive training & instructional
 ● Database type applications
 ● Mobile phone & tablet software applications
●-- and much more!

The customized software is designed to your requirements and is compatible with a variety of end-user delivery methods such as: Downloadable software from a website or media based, such as CD, DVD, USB key, etc

Need custom graphics for your software?
We can create custom graphics for your software products or other needs in-house for you. Read more
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Welcome to MadDogDean.com!

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